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New findings of the correlation between acupoints and corresponding ,brain cortices using functional MRI.

The vision-related acupoint(VA1) is located in the lateral aspect of the foot,and when acupuncture stimulation is  performed there,activation of occipital lobes is seen by FMRI1


Experiments with 12 voluteers yielded very clean data and very close correlations between visual and acupuncture stimulation.We have also stimulated nonacupoints 2 to 5cm away from the vison-related acupoints on the foot as a control, and activation in the occipital lobes was not observed.


The result obtained demonstrate the correlation between activation of specific area of brain cortices and corresponding acupoint stimulation predicted by ancient acupuncture literature.

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The experiment was conducted  by using conventional checkerboard 8-Hz light-fresh stimulation of the eye and observation of the time-course data.
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