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Oriental Day Acupuncture
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pain problems.
Women's health:irregular periods,infertility
Arthritis,sciatica,frozen shoulder.
weight loss
Facial rejuvenation

Oriental Day Acupuncture Services
At Oriental Day Acupuncture, we offer you safe and effective ways to feel relaxed and

rejuvenated, with a team that boasts some of the region's top-rated technicians. 

Massage therapists employ traditional techniques with modern modalities to make the

most of every session. Whether you've got general aches and pains or are dealing 

with a specific injury, Oriental day acupuncture clinic is happy to help.

 * $50 ($80 value) for one-hour deep-tissue massage

 • Holistic approach uses long strokes and pressure points

 • Relieve stress and release tension from achy muscles and joints

 • Low lights and soothing music

Also, we take care to provide our patientrs high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are professional, courteous and efficient.We provide a variety of services